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BCCK Surpasses Expectations, Marking a Stellar Year in 2023

29 December 2023

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In an exceptional year following the pandemic, the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) achieved unprecedented results for 2023, surpassing projections by hosting 496 events and attracting over 300,000 visitors and delegates, making a significant contribution to Sarawak's and Malaysia's economy with an estimated economic impact of over RM26 million. 

BCCK's comprehensive business recovery outpaced initial forecasts, showcasing a remarkable resurgence. Throughout the year, BCCK played host to a diverse array of events: from 19 international conferences, 240 national & local meetings, 7 exhibitions, 142 banquets & weddings, 86 offsite catering services to a vibrant spectrum of 2 concerts & comedy shows.  

Notable highlights ranged from high-profile gatherings such as the Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment, Asia-Australasia Conference of Radiological Technologists, PATA Destination Experience Forum & Mart, Congress of the Asia-Pacific Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis, World Congress on Innovation & Technology Conference, Global Muslim Business Forum, among others.  

April 2023 marked a historic milestone as BCCK welcomed over 50,000 diners during the iconic Juh Sungkei di BCCK Ramadhan buffet— setting a new record and highlighting BCCK's unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier culinary experiences. This marked an impressive 24% increase from the pre-pandemic highest record set in 2019. 

BCCK's accolades included receiving the esteemed Anak Sarawak Award 2023 for Meeting Venue Excellence from BE Sarawak and the recognition of one of BCCK's researchers as the ICCA Researcher of the Month in August 2023.  

While acknowledging forthcoming global economic challenges, BCCK remains optimistic about the future. The upcoming year promises an exciting lineup of several secured international conferences, including the Neurocritical Care Conference, Asia Pacific Green Hydrogen Conference & Exhibition, IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, International Conference for Tropical Medicine & Malaria, World Congress of Herpetology and others. BCCK will continue working closely with local stakeholders, state and national bureaus, and industry partners to bring further world-class events to Sarawak and Malaysia. 

Expansion and Ongoing Evolution 

BCCK proudly announced the approved further expansion of its Raintree Restaurant, poised to accommodate nearly 400 diners, catering to the overwhelming demand following the success of The Raintree Restaurant. Construction for this expansion is set to commence shortly. 

Approaching its 15th anniversary in 2024, BCCK remains steadfast in its commitment to evolution and innovation. Recently completed enhancements such as the modular system at the Level 1 multifunctional space car park underline BCCK's dedication to facilitating versatile, fully air-conditioned, and carpeted spaces for event organisers. Furthermore, recognising the indispensability of ICT infrastructure, BCCK will upgrade its WIFI system to accommodate up to 20,000 devices concurrently, ensuring uninterrupted internet coverage across the entire Centre. 

Reflecting on these achievements, Datuk Hajjah Raziah Binti Mahmud-Geneid, BCCK's Chairperson, expressed profound honour in the team's resilience and collective effort, highlighting their dedication in delivering exceptional events and memorable experiences throughout the year. 

In alignment with this sentiment, Mr. Eric Van Piggelen, BCCK's CEO, extended appreciation to the team and partners, acknowledging their pivotal role in orchestrating extraordinary events and ensuring unmatched customer experiences. He emphasised, "BCCK remains unwavering in our commitment to excellence and innovation. Our focus is on creating memorable experiences and contributing to the growth of Sarawak as a competitive business events destination. The achievements of this year are a result of the collective efforts of all stakeholders such as Business Events Sarawak (BE Sarawak), Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture Malaysia (MTCP), and Sarawak Tourism Board (STB)” 

Datuk Hajjah Raziah Binti Mahmud-Geneid, BCCK's Chairman, conveyed deep gratitude to government agencies, industry partners, clients, and team members for their unwavering support. She emphasised, "The success achieved in 2023 is a testament to the strong partnerships and dedication of our team. We eagerly anticipate continuing our journey and creating more remarkable experiences." 

For over a decade, BCCK has served as the one of the largest and best-equipped convention centre in Borneo. It continues to evolve and enhance its products and services to future-proof itself and welcome its international and domestic clientele.