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26 July 2022

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Kuching (Sarawak), Tuesday, 26 July 2022 - Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) will debut its ‘Pizza La Borneo’ at the Kuching Food Festival this year. Best known for featuring a huge selection of unique and creative food, the Kuching Food Festival will kick-off this weekend from 29 July until 21 August 2022 at its usual venue - Dewan Masyarakat MBKS at Jalan Padungan, Kuching. 

 There is no better way of celebrating the return of Kuching Food Festival than by savouring BCCK’s gourmet pizzas at ‘Pizza La Borneo’. BCCK’s culinary team, led by Chef Tawfeeq Seow has carefully crafted these nine-inch pizzas to represent “Pizza La Borneo” at the festival. All pizzas are daily made with fresh dough; generously topped with Mozzarella Cheese and Cheddar Cheese along with the freshest ingredients.  

 From only RM18 onwards, “Pizza La Borneo” comes with six bold and balanced recipes, each tailored for the festival-goers with appetite for adventurous flavors: 

 Lamb Keema: Get a taste of India with a delicious Lamb Keema Pizza comprising of lamb Keema, tomato Chutney. 

  • Sicilian Pepperoni with Honey & Chili: Pepperoni lovers can get their fix with this pizza that features marinara sauce, pepperoni, chili flakes, honey, and pepper. 
  • Verdure: Literary means green vegetation! Verdure pizza features spinach, eggplant, bell peppers, mushroom, and oregano herbs in marinara sauce. 
  • Mexican Fiesta: A delightful combination of marinara sauce and black bean paste, corn onion, and pickled chili.  
  • Spicy Diavola: In Italian, pizza Diavola means “deviled” pizza. And in this case, deviled means SPICY. Get ready to spice up your night with this pizza that consist of black olive, pickled chili, garlic, and chili flake. 
  • Margherita: Nothing beats fresh, simple classic margherita pizza that begins with freshly-made pizza dough, topped with marinara sauce, fresh tomatoes, garlic chili flakes, and oregano. 

 “Pizza La Borneo” will operate daily from 5.30pm until 11pm, located at stalls 23 and 24 at the Kuching Food Festival from 29 July until 21 August 2022.  

 “BCCK had recently equipped its kitchen with a new pizza oven capable of making approximately 80 pizzas per hour and Kuching Festival is a great avenue to introduce this latest equipment, as well as showcasing BCCK’s culinary team’s creativity” said Eric van Piggelen, CEO of BCCK. 

 Discover the taste of gourmet pizza only at “Pizza La Borneo”.