Media Release


22 June 2020

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The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) continues to implement its zero-tolerance policy against all forms of corruption and bribery, updating the Centre’s code of Ethics to adhere to the new provision, Section 17A of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Act 2009. 

Section 17A encourages integrity and good governance in organisations as they conduct business activities to ensure the prevention of corruption within the organisation, holding organisations responsible for the conduct of the employees or associates involved in any dubious business activities.  

The Management of BCCK has long adopted anti-corruption practices as a part of the Centre’s effort to manage and govern staff conduct pertaining to provisions stated in MACC Section 17A. 

The Centre has produced an Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy and Guideline, called “The Manual”, explicitly detailing the principles of the organisation, providing guidance to employees of all levels on how to handle improper solicitation, bribery and other corrupt activities that they may face in the course of business.  

Under the guidance of the BCCK Procurement Department, all contractors, subcontractors, consultants, agents, representatives and other performing work services on behalf of BCCK will be expected to comply fully to the guidelines depicted in the manual, in accordance with the provisions of MACC Act 2009.  

“This manual is to empower our staff with basic knowledge on how to combat bribery and to protect themselves from any uncomfortable situations they may find themselves in when conducting business, by providing them with guidelines on how to respond to illegal solicitation as well as offering them protection through our whistleblowing policies,” said the CEO of BCCK, Eric van Piggelen. 

As a part of the ongoing campaign against corruption, the Human Resource Department and Finance Departments have also produced visual aids such as screen savers as well as training and workshop on the matter.  

“While the classes and the manual itself do not constitute as legal advice, we are using these methods to make it clear to our staff that when it comes to integrity, their actions are their responsibility and the consequences they face are severe. If there are any gray areas they are unsure about, we emphasise ‘when in doubt, ask’,” said Joseph Chung, Chief Financial Officer of BCCK. 

All employees will be required to participate in these anti-corruption workshops in due time, as a part of the Centre’s corruption prevention policies.