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01 July 2020

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With the current Business Events environment, it goes without saying that “Size Matters”. As the largest Convention centre in Sarawak, the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) stands with 13,175 square metres of event space, ample parking areas, wide and high-ceilinged hallways, airy concourses and spacious rooms ranging from meeting rooms to large halls.

With capacity limits still in place from the state and federal authorities due to the pandemic, BCCK offers clients with various layouts that can accommodate the maximum number of participants without compromising their health, thanks to the plentiful space in the Centre.

Our signature Great Hall spans over 2,800 square metres and can comfortably and safely accommodate over 550 people or up to 240 people in a Classroom set up, with the required 1 metre space between each individual. In addition, we have 14 versatile meeting rooms that are perfect for mid to modest-scale events with theatre, classroom, boardroom, roundtable/cluster or u-shaped event layouts.

“Even with our abundant space, we will be following all limits set by the federal and state governments regarding maximum capacity in one event, which is currently set at 250 people. We look forward to the gradual reopening of our Centre, and as time goes on, we will be able to accommodate our clients to our full capabilities, with all safety requirements met,” Said Chief Executive Officer of BCCK, Eric van Piggelen.

Despite the limitations of holding events, BCCK is positive on the outlook for the rest of the year and is ready to take on the challenge of holding events safely and comfortably in the new global environment.

“We see ourselves rededicating ourselves to conventional events where people meet face to face in a physical location, with the added safety of health measures to protect everyone from potential risks. Humans still crave face-to-face interactions, and we don’t see it being completely replaced any time soon,” expressed the Executive Director of BCCK, Tan Sri Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot.

“We are also investing in virtual avenues for events, to compliment the face-to-face events. This can be very beneficial to our clients who would like to hold events for larger groups of people, while mitigating risk, as well as for clients who would like to overcome current travel restrictions,” Tan Sri Datuk Amar Wilson stated.

Shortly after reopening the centre, BCCK hosted the Post COVID-19 Tourism Sectors Dialogue Session with the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Sarawak on June 22nd and the Ministry of Tourism Dialogue Session with Federal Tourism Minister on June 27th.

BCCK looks forward to new events in the near future, and has taken up a partnership with the Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) for the ‘Lets Meet tomorrow’ and ‘Let’s Meet Locally’ campaigns, aimed at stimulating the domestic Business Events industry and to encourage new domestic events in Malaysia designed to appeal to local and regional audiences.

The Centre will also continue to work closely with the Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB) and other local business event industry members to spearhead local homegrown events focused on revitalising the industry on a state level.

BCCK will continue to take every safety precaution to safeguard the health and safety of the Centre’s staff and customers, with measures such as temperature screening and contact recording, wearing a facemask at all times on the premises, maintaining adequate social distancing and readily available hand washing and sanitising areas.

For added security and risk mitigation, the Centre sanitizes rooms after every event.

Food safety has always been a huge aspect of BCCK’s operating systems, and the Centre continues to enforce strict hygiene processes and precautions during food storage, preparation and serving, to guarantee the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

“We would like to thank our stakeholders and clients for their continuous support during the recent global situation, as we know this time period hasn’t been easy for anyone. We are eagerly looking forward to catering to their events and needs once more as we begin jump-starting the business events industry once more,” Stated Eric van Piggelen.