28 NOV 2023 - 30 NOV 2023

The Global Muslim Business Forum (GMBF) is hosting the second edition of its international Forum from 28 – 30 November 2023 in Sarawak, Malaysia. The Forum aims to be a hub of knowledge for governments, corporations and civil society to explore best and innovative practices in various domains such as Islamic finance, green technology and agriculture. Therefore, the Forum is aptly themed, “Innovations and Transformation in Islamic Economies.” 2023 GMBF will feature keynote speeches by Muslim World leaders, plenary sessions, workshops, awards ceremony and a gala dinner.


11 DEC 2023 - 13 DEC 2023

This Congress is jointly organised by the Malaysian Society of Andrology and the Study of Ageing Males (MSASAM) and the Malaysian Clearinghouse for Men’s Health. With the endorsement of International Society for Men’s Health, we will bring the Conference to Malaysia with the intention of making men’s health accessible to researchers, educators and practitioners (allied healthcare professionals, nurses, family doctors, specialists) in the Asia Pacific Region.

‘United for Men’s Health’ is the theme for MHWC 2023 as we believe in a comprehensive and holistic approach to promoting men’s health, and that this can only be done successfully through inter-sectorial and inter-disciplinary collaborations. Therefore, this Congress will not only cover epidemiology, policies, clinical advances in men’s health, it will also explore how gender identity, changing social and cultural norms shape men’s behaviours and their health. Exciting topics include: use of ICT to improve men’s health, improving men’s health in key populations, updates in andrology, social determinants in men’s health, delivering men’s health services, and the latest WHO European Men’s Health Policy.

At the MHWC 2023, you will be able to interact with top international and regional experts and researchers in men's health and related disciplines through plenaries, symposia, and workshops. We would also like to welcome you to submit abstracts to present your research work (oral and poster) and conduct workshops related to men’s health. It is our goal to use MHWC 2023 as a platform to unite all men’s health stakeholders to discuss, debate, brainstorm, seek solutions and set directions for the future of men’s health.

This Congress has received generous support from the State of Sarawak, and together, we assure you of a fruitful and enjoyable experience. We look forward to welcoming you onboard MHWC 2023!


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