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Exotic, mysterious, unspoilt, authentic – there are just so many ways to describe Borneo – but perhaps our location on the beautiful tropical island island of “Borneo” says it best of all. The experienced team at the Bureau is committed to providing you with the best possible advice and we will be there to help every step of the way.
- Mrs Jill Henry (Former CEO, Sarawak Convention Bureau)

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from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching from Kuching City Centre from the Airport

Kuching has frequent and convenient air links from Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia, as well as Singapore and Brunei. The recently renovated terminal complex is capable of handling 5 million passengers per annum and is the third largest airport in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

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  • Destination Borneo
  • The Rhythms of the Rainforest
  • Heart to heart with Orangutans

    What does it feel like to save Borneo’s most endangered species? The orangutan, or ‘people of the forest’ is a much-loved international icon of the rainforest. Try out a day in the life of the unsung heroes who sacrifice time and effort to bring these gentle giants of Borneo’s forests back from the brink of extinction.

    Get down and dirty with the orangutan keepers at Matang Wildlife Centre and share a day of joy with these intelligent, soulful animals which were once found in abundance throughout Sarawak. Today, the only viable wild populations are found in Batang Ai National Park and Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary.

    At Matang, most of these apes were saved from a life of misery and death in the illegal wildlife trade. Be part of the conservation effort. Have a heart to heart with an orangutan at Matang Wildlife Centre.

    Matang is a rehabilitation centre for wild animals that have either been surrendered or were confiscated from illegal wildlife markets. The Sarawak Government prioritizes wildlife conservation in the wild and condemns all manner of wildlife trade.

  • Kayaking in a Rainforest or Ocean Paradise

    Beyond the jungles, Sarawak is a land of rivers and oceans. It is not enough for adventurers to trek around on land and foot, journeys through this land cannot be complete without a sojourn through its waters.

    Paddle along rivers, through river mouths and out into the South China Sea. Get up close to ancient rock cliffs; glide along waters so clear that you can count the number of pebbles at the bottom. You will get a chance to take a peek at wild proboscis monkeys perched on their treetop dwellings. Need more adrenaline?

    Then shoot some rapids with trained guides or push through breakwater to kayak with dolphins in the open ocean. For the truly adventurous, take a paddle out to estuaries and see if you can spot crocodiles in their native habitat. Kayaking adventures can be as mild or as tough as you want them to be, for your safety. Professional kayakers lead every expedition. Stop by pebbly nooks or secluded beaches for a picnic before heading on to your next stop.

    Fancy an overnighter? Camp out or sleep under the stars. Ponder the milky way under the velvety night sky. There are no artificial lights or disturbances to interrupt your commune with nature here.

    End your kayaking expedition with a seafood dinner at a beachfront restaurant or a pamper at a beach resort. Kayaking adventures are perfect for groups of 8 to 40 people. Get an expedition tailor-made for your group after your conference or event.

  • Rythms of the Rainforest

    From humble beginnings over 10 years ago, the Rainforest World Music Festival has earned international acclaim and recognition for blending the best of world music with a gig in the jungles of Borneo. Rock to the rhythms of the world in a backdrop of Old World Rainforest at the foothills of Mount Santubong.For two days and three nights, world-class musicians from four continents play to their hearts content to an international audience at the Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV). Sway to the rhythm in the midst of a floodlit rainforest setting during the concerts at night.

    During the day, be part of the in-crowd that throngs the special music workshops held by the musicians themselves. Simultaneous workshops are held in each of SCV’s traditional houses, be it the longhouse, the Orang Ulu house, the baruk, the Malay and Melanau houses, or the Chinese farmhouse. This is where the audience get a chance to rub elbows and jam with the stars.

    Fancy a private concert? Arrangements can be made for the visiting musicians to perform for your group, or conduct a special workshop just for your guests. Groups can stay in any of three international beach resorts in the area. The Rainforest Wold Music Festival rocks Sarawak every second weekend of July.

  • The Sarawak Regatta – Racing Sarawak Style

    The Sarawak Regatta is an annual event to behold. Envision this: the Sarawak River brimming with longboats, traditional war-boats, water-taxis, dragon boats, modern kayaks; rowboats of all colours, make and design, all for one purpose – to race each other in the name of unity and fun.History tells of warring tribes who fought each other to the death over territory, pride and historical enmity. To divert such lusty energy away from violence, the colonial authorities created a river race of war boats or longboats, and made it an event of peace and to celebrate the rowing prowess of the different tribes.

    Thus was born the Sarawak Regatta, forever an important part of Sarawak culture for its role in ending tribal hostilities and bringing harmony to Sarawak. The first official record of the Regatta was in 1871 in Kuching. Since then, this has become an annual event. Today, new categories of rowboats have been added to the races, but the most eye-catching categories remains the traditional dragon boats and war boats races.

    Teams from overseas are most welcome to sign up for the races in the Sarawak Regatta. Conference delegates may represent country, club, creed, or simply in the name of adventure. Each longboat requires 20 paddlers. The Sarawak Regatta is held in August every year.

  • Tee off in the Clouds

    Ever wondered how it feels like to tee off in the heavens? You can at the Borneo Highlands Resort. On a mountain plateau 1,000m above sea level on the outskirts of Kuching, a 72-par, 6,247-metre course awaits the delegate golfer.The cool mountain air and pleasant daytime temperatures are delightful for golfing. Manicured meets rugged in this golf course set on the highlands and surrounded by Bornean jungle, challenging the avid golfers to lift their game. The experienced golfing staff at the Resort are on hand for all your golfing needs.

    They will organize competitions and special events to challenge your skills. Beyond golf, take a stroll along the jungle trails and enjoy the sounds and sights of the oldest rainforest in the world. Then, soak away the stress and tension of city life, pamper yourself with a full jungle spa whilst revelling in the majesty of the real jungle outside your window.

    True to their promise of nature and all things natural, only quality organic food is served at the Borneo Highlands Resort.

  • Destination Borneo
  • Collaboration in the midst of nature
    is just the beginning
  • Destination Borneo
  • Accommodation

Major new hotels in Kuching include the luxury 5-star Pullman Kuching, 4 Points by Sheraton Kuching, Tune Hotel, 360 Hotel, Lime Tree Hotel and Batik Boutique Hotel in Kuching. In the northern region, 4 Points By Sheraton, Tune and 360 Express Hotels are set to make a debut in Miri as well.

Venue Name (Click on hotel name to visit respective website) Telephone Accommodation
360 Xpress City Center+60 82 236 06098
Aiman Batang Ai Longhouse Resort+60 83 584 388100
Ariva Gateway Kuching+60 82 250 95868
Borneo Highlands Resort+60 82 577 93040
Century Kuching Hotel+60 82 280 888421
Citadines Apart ‘ Hotel+60 82 281 888215
COVE 55+60 82 839 98612
Damai Beach Resort+60 82 846 999224
Damai Puri Resort & Spa+60 82 846 900207
Dormani Hotel+60 82 241 11170
Galleria at Wesberly Apartment+60 82 246 1978
Grand Continental Kuching+60 82 230 399180
Grand Dormani Rajah Court Hotel+60 82 484 799117
Grand Margherita Kuching+60 82 423 111288
Harbour View Hotel+60 82 274 666245
Hilton Kuching+60 82 248 200315
Hotel 56+60 82 575 666155
Imperial Hotel Kuching+60 82 58 8999339
Imperial River Bank+60 82 230 033109
Jinhold Apartment Hotel+60 82 318 33384
Kuching Park Hotel+60 82 239 888108
Kuching Waterfront Lodge+60 82 231 11123
Lime Tree Hotel+60 82 414 60050
Lot 10 Boutique Hotel+60 82 23 222868
M Hotels+60 82 484 888264
Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites+60 82 258 000213
Penview Hotel Kuching+60 82 34 1200165
Permai Rainforest Resort+60 82 846 48739
Pullman Kuching+60 82 222 888389
Riverside Majestic Hotel (Astana Wing)+60 82 53 3222272
Riverside Majestic Kuching+60 82 247 777241
Telang Usan Hotel+60 82 415 58866
The Lodge @ Stampark+60 82 463 8698
The Marian Boutique Lodging House+60 82 252 77740
The Ranee Boutique Suites+60 82 258 833 24
The Waterfront Hotel+60 82 227 227208
Tune Hotels.com Waterfront Kuching+60 37 962 588135
UCSI Hotel Kuching+60 82 59 6621109
Union Yes Retreat+60 82 453 02738

Upcoming Events

  • International Digital Economy Conference Sarawak 2018

    The State Government is proud to host the 2nd International Digital Economy Conference Sarawak, IDECS. This annual conference will gather thirteen (13) local and international speakers, experts in their respective fields, to discuss issues related to the development, implementation, use and management of emerging technologies and the move to digital economy. This year’s IDECS is anticipated to gather close to 3000 participants. This conference will be a convergence of Digital Economy experts, coming from various sectors – the Sarawak Civil Service, captains of the industry, as well as private and global practitioners alike. This year’s theme “Data to Fuel Economic Growth and Quality of Life”, IDECS will serve as a platform and will provide a great opportunity to explore and exchange ideas. In addition, this conference is also aimed to provide participants with the exposure on the tremendous potential unfolding from digital economy particularly within this region, namely across four sub-themes; Data Intelligence, E-Commerce, Smart Community and Digital GovernmentIDECS 2018 is an event not to be missed.

  • SHEDA Property Expo 2018

    Sarawak Housing and Real Estate Developers' Association (SHEDA), with the support of the Ministry of Local Government and Housing Sarawak (MLGH) and the Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB) will be holding the SHEDA PROPERTY EXPO 2018 at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) this coming July. This comprehensive activity-filled 3-day event aimed at experienced, new and potential house buyers and investors. The Expo will feature attractive and wide-ranging properties from landed and strata residential properties to villas, commercial developments and resort property, both within and beyond Sarawak, extending to Singapore, Australia and the UK. The idea was conceived to help bolster the property sector during the economic downturn in the late '90s. Since then, SHEDA PROPERTY EXPO has continued to receive encouraging support from housing developers and the general public. The Expo is the perfect avenue to connect developers to prospective house buyers and property investors.

  • Perfect Livin Home Expo

    Perfect Livin helps homeowners looking for up-to-date range of technologies and products heighten their home-ownership and lifestyle experience. The success of previous Perfect Livin exhibitions together with its rapid expansion between exhibitors and homeowners ensures an even greater channel between exhibitors and homeowners. Perfect Livin exhibition is the simplest and most hassle-free avenue to get all your questions about renovations and refurbishments answered. It also provides you with inspiration and tips to decorate your home.

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Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) aims to set benchmarks and we need talented, committed and professional people to contribute to the growth of our company.

This is a high profile venture, and for anyone within the event, conference, service and hospitality industry, this would be an opportunity be part of something special. BCCK is a state of the art iconic building, offering elegant and flexible facilities for our delegates and clients, and also for our employees.

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