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Meetings, conferences, events and exhibitions in all their forms are ultimately to serve only one common function. To bring people together, encourage conversation and create connections. Connections that will allow people to create ideas, share thoughts and collaborate.

As organizations around the world seek to be more innovative, and compete more and more on creativity, we approached the question of innovation from a totally unique perspective. Instead of exploring the capacity of an individual alone or in group to innovate, we try instead to identify the spaces that have historically led to unusual rates of creativity and innovation. Places such as the Coffee Houses during the age of enlightenment or the Salons of modernism. Spaces where minds serendipitously come together connect and produce great ideas. And with this in mind, we would like to introduce Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, the unique convention centre. A space created among the tranquility of the tropical rainforest where any distractions that will take focus away from simply being innovative are kept at a distance but yet still easily accessible. Being secluded however does not mean disconnection. The centre is equipped with the latest in communication technologies with wireless internet enveloping the whole area, cutting ledge LAN infrastructure and the latest in Audio/Visual technology to ensure any and all collaboration that happens inside, are widely visible outside. All this to realise the belief we have that collaborative innovation can be at its peak if held in the correct environment. Every part of BCCK is designed to be an environment for the inquisitive. An environment that encourages people to think broadly and generally about challenges and one in which participants can feel free to follow their curiosity. Equally important, it seeks to be an environment where people can connect with each other.
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The caretakers of nature’s advancement.

BCCK is what it is today and will become what it will be tomorrow under the passionate care of our directors.

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Datuk Hajjah Raziah @ Rodiah binti Mahmud-Geneid

Dr. Mohamadon bin Abdullah

Dato Steve Ng

Tan Sri Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot

YM Dato’ Seri Tengku Zainal Adlin bin Tengku Mahamood


 Executive Director




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Powered by people.

True to any organization, our people will always be our strength. And each and every member is passionately dedicated to meet any challenges and exceed all expectations.

Eric Van Piggelen_croppedr

Eric Van Piggelen

Chief Executive Officer
Finance and ICT

Joseph Chung

Chief Financial Officer

Wayne Kho

Finance Manager

Sylvester Tan

ICT Manager
Human Resource

Veraya Ratnam 

Director of Human Resource 

Janet Jong

Human Resource Manager
Corporate Services

Christopher Wan

Senior Manager - Corporate Services 
Manager (Procurement, 
Legal, Risk, Quality)

Gary James Pinchen

Director of Operations 


Thomas Schmid

Executive Chef

Luqman Nul Hakim

Event Planning Manager

John Engkatesoo

F&B Operations Manager


Binyas Suem

Acting Executive Sous Chef

Mas Rabaie_cropped

Mas Rabaie

Security Manager


Davenny James

Assistant Banquet Manager

Sylvester Sintan_cropped

Sylvester Sintan

AV Tech Service Executive

 John Menggong_cropped

John Michael Menggong

Housekeeping Officer
Sales & Marketing

Premala Danapakiam

Director of Sales & Marketing


Ivy Ling

Senior Sales Manager


Eric Chuo

Research & Development Manager

Laila Johari

Sales Manager

Kenneth Garai

Sales Manager


Phoebe Tan

Sales Manager


Syuriana Sadikin

Sales Executive

Jessie Lee

Sales Executive
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  • Tue

    BCCK Wins rAWr Award Malaysia Business Events Awards of Excellence 2015

    BCCK Management and Staff posing with the rAWr Award Malaysia Business Events Awards of Excellence 2015

    KUCHING. 20 November 2015. The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) takes the pleasure to announce that it was adjudged 2015 rAWr Award Winner of Malaysia Business Events Awards of Excellence at the rAWr Awards 2015 in Kuala Lumpur on
    12 November. The convention centre won in the category For the Purpose Built Convention & Exhibition Centre Award for Excellence (below 15,000 sqm gross saleable space).

    rAWr Awards (Recognising Award Winning Results) is a joint initiative between the Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) and Malaysian Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers (MACEOS) and is held bi-annually since 2013. Created to recognise the professional standards, innovation and best practices achieved within Malaysia’s business events industry, this bi-annual award presentation is judged by a panel of independent industry experts within the Asian region and supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia as well as Tourism Malaysia.

    Datuk Hajjah Raziah Mahmud-Geneid, Chairman of Borneo Isthmus Development Sdn Bhd (BID), the management company appointed to oversee the management of the BCCK, commented on the rAWr award, “On behalf of the Board of BID, I would like to congratulate the BCCK team on winning a national-level award. Over the past six years, since the BCCK was debuted by the Sarawak Government to further progress our state’s business tourism efforts through the hosting of business events, we have witnessed the BCCK growing from strength to strength. From hosting notable events of national, regional and international scales including local events, winning hosting bids to clinching culinary and business awards, Kuching as the destination alongside BCCK as the convention venue have emerged as a strong contender amongst the country’s second-tiered cities’ convention centre. This award reflects the nation’s recognition of Sarawak’s contribution to the growth and development of Malaysia’s meeting, incentive, convention and exhibition industry. I am immensely proud of the accomplishments of the BCCK team whose efforts have been noticed and acknowledged by the business events authorities.”

    As a source of economic growth for the people, we are on the right track as numerous enterprises in the goods and service sectors are reaping the benefits in supporting BCCK’s event hosting. With this latest achievement by BCCK, I am confident that business events and business tourism in Sarawak together with the supporting goods and service providers will continue to prosper, Datuk Raziah continued.

     Eric van Piggelen, CEO of BCCK said, “We are grateful to MyCEB and MACEOS for recognising the efforts of the BCCK team with the rAWr Award. Our winning this award is directly attributed to the passion and commitment of our team in striving to stand out for quality service and add value to our clients’ events. The team has always put in their hard work in meeting our clients’ expectations; however, it is their passion for excellence in best practices and innovations that differentiates us from the competition. It takes the conviction of the entire team, from those who take the lead to the doers, to deliver the desired results and for that I want to commend our team for carrying through and sustaining our best practice and innovation projects all these years.

    “With this accolade, we look forward to winning more event hosting bids. At the same time, we also take pride that we are able to offer local event organisers an award-winning world-class convention facility right here in Kuching,” van Piggelen added.

  • Tue

    BCCK’s Chefs amongst Culinary Best Stars in Culinaire Malaysia 2015, Kuala Lumpur

    BCCK's chefs - from left to right Elossa Danette, Mohamad Redzuan Hossen , Asfia Rizal Ismail, Stewart Rajau Martin

    Kuching, 12 October 2015. Three junior chefs of the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) were amongst the 36 winners in the recently concluded Culinaire Malaysia 2015 "Malaysian Battle of the Chefs", and international culinary event held in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre as part of Food and Hotel Malaysia 2015 (FHM2015). FHM is an international exhibition of food, drinks, hotel, restaurant and foodservice equipment, supplies, services and related technology.

     The competition, held from 29 September to 2 October, saw 1,296 chefs from 14 countries displaying their culinary prowess and creations in numerous categories.

    Elossa Danette clinched a bronze medal with her sesame-coated cod fish with mashed sweet potato, sauté asparagus and coconut heart sauce.

    Mohamad Redzuan Hossen earned a third-runner up placing with a diploma award for his butter poached tenderloin with sauté siew pak choy, roasted butternut, mashed pumpkin and beef jus infused with ginger flower.

    Stewart Rajau Martin was also placed a third-runner up with a diploma award for his tabaloi pistachio crusted lamb rack with polenta pineapple puree, poach saffron coconut heart and ginger rosemary jus.

    All three dishes were contested under the Western cuisine main course category, sub-categories of fish, beef and lamb.

    “Culinaire Malaysia was a great opportunity to expose our junior chefs to world-class culinary stage in line with BCCK’s HR objective to develop our people. We are elated at winning all three entries. It was an uplifting experience for our team considering the multitude of participants and having to win the hearts of a host of distinguished judges. Our three chefs practised and perfected their individual dishes for three months prior to the competition to fine-tune presentation, taste, timing and composition of their winning creations. A big pat on the back for Elossa, Mohamad and Stewart for doing a great job. Their wins will inspire more creations amongst our culinary team as we look forward to taking part in more culinary competitions,” said BCCK Executive Chef Thomas Schmid who led the BCCK team to Culinaire Malaysia 2015.  

    For Elossa, Mohamad and Stewart, they agree that the single biggest motivating factor is their passion for cooking. “We want to thank the BCCK management and especially, our mentors, Executive Chef Thomas Schmid and Sous Chef Asfia Rizal Ismail for their encouragement and opportunity to express our culinary passion at a culinary event of international scale. The competition was a great platform to test ourselves mentally and physically,” they said.

    The three winning main courses will be promoted in The Raintree Restaurant, located at the BCCK, commencing mid October 2015.

    The Raintree Restaurant is open daily from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. For more information or to make a reservation, call the Raintree Restaurant on 60 82 392 988.

  • Sat

    BCCK Employees and Families Bond on Family Day

    BCCK Employees Proudly Showing their long service award certificates

    KUCHING. 11 September 2015. The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) held its inaugural Family Day on 30 August with close to 400 members of staff including their families gathered for an afternoon of fun at the Centre.

    Young and old participants alike mingled freely and immersed themselves during a barbeque and games such as colouring contest, clown and face painting, treasure hunt, zumba, karaoke, table tennis, etc.

     “We have put in six years of hard work since BCCK opened its door in 2009 as the first
    purpose-built convention centre in Sarawak. The past two years have seen a steady climb in the numbers of events hosted at our Centre and we owe it to our team for successfully taking care of those events. The Family Day is a gesture from the BCCK Management to acknowledge and appreciate the commitment and personal sacrifices of family time that you all made to deliver clients’ events. To all our members of staff, thanks for your hard work. This Family Day is dedicated to you and your families,” said Eric van Piggelen, CEO of BCCK, in his welcome address to the BCCK team and their families.

    “To the Family Day organising committee, the BCCK Management appreciates each committee member’s efforts and contributions to make the Family Day happen. Let’s celebrate our hard work and enjoy this afternoon simply as one big family,” van Piggelen continued.

    Long service awards were presented to employees who have been with the Centre for more than five years in recognition of their loyalty.  

    The inaugural BCCK Family Day was an extension of its annual staff parties to create the opportunity for staff and their family members to engage with the management team.

  • Sat

    BCCK’s Raintree Restaurant Entices Steak Lovers with "Let's Meat" Steakhouse Promotion

    Tenderloin  with Cafe de Paris Butter

    KUCHING. 26 August 2015. Famed for its melt-in-your-mouth steaks, The Raintree Restaurant of the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching is now featuring a “steakhouse” theme to showcase the restaurant’s finest steaks.

    Entitled “Let’s Meat”, the special steakhouse selection offers grilled beef tenderloin, striploin wagyu beef, BBQ beef ribs, chateaubriand and chermoula rib eye served with various sauces and toppings including side vegetables. The accompanying sauces are Café de Paris butter, green peppercorn cream sauce, Béarnaise butter, smoked BBQ sauce and rich beef gravy.

    “Our steaks are classic and have always had their pride of place on our menu. From now till
    31 October, we are going to indulge steak lovers with additional steak offerings from our steakhouse specials such as rib eye and short ribs. These are not found on our regular menu so do take this opportunity to enjoy our special steakhouse selection,” Chef de Cuisine Virginia Kedit of The Raintree Restaurant said.

    “The steakhouse menu also offers three-course and four-course set options which I highly recommend as they offer excellent value-for-money for a comprehensive meal. Diners definitely get more and pay less through these options,” Chef Virginia assured.

    Chef Virginia has also drawn up the whole gamut of western fine dining that makes up the complete steakhouse menu – from starters and soup, main courses, desserts to wines.

    Appetizers take the form of tuna ceviche (tuna cured in lime juice combined with red onions, corn and fresh coriander, lime juice), Mussel Diavolo (mussels served on chili cream sauce, chive oil and ciabatta croutons, raspberry and pear salad, garlic prawns, crab cake and oxtail soup.

    To complete the meal, go for the tempting sweet selection which includes sticky toffee pudding, vanilla poached pear and apple tart tatin.


    Diners who like pairing wines with their meals will enjoy the selection of white and red wines comprising Luis Felipe Edwards Pupilla Sauvignon Blanc and  Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile, and Matua Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir from New Zealand.

    Prices for the à la carte items start from RM15.00 nett while the set menus are priced at RM75.00 nett and RM95.00 nett. All prices quoted are inclusive of 6% GST.

    The Raintree Restaurant is open daily from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. For more information or to make a reservation, call the Raintree Restaurant on 60 82 392 988.

  • Sat

    Malaysia Tatler Recognizes BCCK’s Raintree Restaurant as One of Malaysia’s Best Dining Establishments

    Malaysia Best Restaurant Award 2015

    KUCHING. 13 August 2015. The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) takes the pleasure to announce that The Raintree Restaurant (The Raintree) has been named by Malaysia Tatler as one of the best restaurants in Malaysia in its 2015 edition.

    The annual Malaysia’s Best Restaurants Guide by Malaysia Tatler showcases the country’s highest-rated dining establishments. Tatler, a glossy publication originating in Britain highlights the crème de la crème of fashion and lifestyle, as well as coverage of high society. It has a long tradition of recognizing the achievements of establishments and people dedicated to their craft.

    The Raintree was acclaimed one of the country’s top restaurants based on the review by two mystery diners who sit on a panel of gourmands appointed by Malaysia Tatler. As mystery diners, these gourmands visit, dine in and review the restaurants featured in the yearly restaurants guide. The review criteria include setting, food, service and price. Winners are adjudged based on the accumulated points of these criteria.

    Highlights of the review of The Raintree are: “The ‘new’ place in a quiet corner away from the hustle and bustle of the city with unhindered view of the Sarawak River is ideal for business talk or romance. Rows of spacious sturdy tables that cater for small or large groups with high ceiling and tall naked windows boasts modern setting of Sarawakian-inspired interiors that sets the stage for the foreign cuisines on offer. A bubbly hostess escorted us to the most private corner of the restaurant floor. Once settled, a knowledgeable and energetic waiter helped us with our meal selections and was quick to point out the unavailable items from the menu. The confident recommendations for wines to pair with the food were also impressive.   The postcard views of the Sarawak River (especially at sunset), exemplarily serviced together with the consistent high quality of produce offers a unique dining experience like no other.


    “The Malaysia Tatler award is a wonderful boost and the biggest positive is employee morale; for the Raintree team to know that their hard work and commitment has paid off and having been recognized at a level that we never really truly expected. That we would actually win. Congratulations to our Raintree team for bagging the accolade. All your efforts are greatly appreciated by the BCCK Management. Keep up the great work,” said Eric van Piggelen, CEO of BCCK.

    Chef de Cuisine Virginia Kedit, who has headed The Raintree for five years, and her team were instrumental in convincing the mystery diners that The Raintree deserved to win the award.

    “The Raintree Restaurant is honoured to be recognized by Malaysia Tatler; by the people in the lifestyle industry known for the well-curated contents of their publications. I would like to say a big “thanks” to the Raintree kitchen team and service team for their winning team formula,” Chef Virginia said.

    She offered her insight during an interview based on her 25 years of work experience in kitchens where she started out as a pastry kitchen helper:

    1.        The Raintree Restaurant recently won the Malaysian Tatler, Malaysia Best Restaurant Award 2015. What would you want people to understand about the restaurant?

    -       The fact that we are “in a quiet corner” translates to “tranquility”. Patrons who dine regularly with us know we are passionate about serving consistent, great-tasting fine cuisines. Our warm, attentive service team makes them feel at home at The Raintree. And they appreciate having the panoramic view of the Sarawak River right in front of them and our restaurant’s ambience. It really is just a perception that our location is “a distance away”.


    2.        What other factors do you think are important in this business?

    -       Teamwork, hard work and dedication.


    3.        What is your favourite thing about being a chef at The Raintree Restaurant?

    -       Seeing the restaurant grow together with the team. Teamwork from the front and back of house is vital in delivering memorable food and service which endear our patrons to keep coming back to us. Also, through their word of mouth, we get new patrons.


    4.        In your opinion, which dish on your menu best represent you as a chef?

    -       Macadamia encrusted salmon; it is my personal creation. It’s a dish made up of Norwegian salmon coated with macadamia nuts served on potato confit, mixed salad and lemon-butter sauce.


    5.        Do you have any future project for the restaurant?

    -       The Raintree team is looking forward to promoting our upcoming steak promotion for August, September and October.


    6.        Any advice for a young chef/someone starting out in the industry?

    -       Be mentally and physically prepared. It is a though world out here.

  • Wed

    BCCK's Gets Creative and Innovative

    IMG_1115 IMG_0222

    KUCHING. 27 July 2015. The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) has placed creativity and innovation high on its radar this year. In the months of June and July alone, three creative projects were launched which included the online dining reservation system, Ramadhan floating buffet showcase and origami card holder project.

    Conceived by BCCK’s finance, food and beverage operations and marketing teams respectively, these three projects relate to their respective departments’ key performance indicators set at the beginning of the year.

    “I am pleased to see that our people are taking the creativity and innovation aspects diligently to deliver our key performance indicators. Quality customer service is central to all the work that we do at BCCK. The creativity and innovation aspects are essential to ensure that we are constantly ahead of the competition in providing quality service,” said Eric van Piggelen, CEO of BCCK.

    “For instance, the online dining reservation system provides the convenience for diners to reserve their tables with just a few “clicks” for our famed BCCK’s Ramadhan Buffet, absolutely no hassles with having to call our busy hotline. Besides enabling us to reach out to the masses, the online system reduced our costs of distribution and operations, hence we were able to pass on the saving to our customers in the form of attractive low online prices and value for money offering. Also, based on the number of bookings received online, we were able to more accurately estimate the volume of food required through our cook-chill method which minimized wastages and ensured fresh food on the buffet at all times. I am delighted to say that we had scored almost 20,000 diners this Ramadhan,” van Piggelen added.

    The floating buffet showcase is a first in Kuching and it adds a new dimension to the presentation of BCCK’s culinary offerings. Generating a buzz during the Ramadhan Buffet period, the floating buffet featured the popular cold selection which was lowered down from the ceiling with a dramatic flair incorporating lights and music.

    The origami card holder project is a fun, interactive idea for the sales team to present to corporate clients BCCK’s meeting spaces and food and beverage services. The function of the sales flyers are fully maximized in that they can be folded and used as business card holders.


    “I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the BCCK team for a job well done this Ramadhan and for putting their heads together to come up with these creative and innovative projects,” van Piggelen added.

  • Tue

    BCCK to Offer Unique Fusion Burgers at Kuching Festival Food Fair 2015

    BCCK Selling Items

    KUCHING. 27 July 2015. The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) announced its participation in the Kuching Festival Food Fair 2015 which will take place from 31 July to
    23 August at the Padungan Community Hall (Dewan Masyarakat).

    Known for its quality culinary offerings, BCCK will be showcasing three new burgers with a fusion twist, the first of their kinds in Kuching. Tossing indigenous ingredients and BCCK’s own homemade succulent beef and chicken patties together, the burgers taste uniquely different from the ubiquitous western burgers as the use of local plants such as ginger flowers and chives lend distinctively piquant flavours to the burgers. Ginger flower is locally known as kechalak and chives as kuchai.

    The names of the burgers also reflect their “local identities”. When patronizing the BCCK stall at the upcoming Kuching Festival Food Fair, burger lovers should ask for the Pahlawan Burger (beef with kechalak), Mari Mari Ong Lai Burger (beef with pineapples and a special Chinese sauce) and The White Rajah Burger (chicken with chives).

    Another two food items included in the month-long menu are Chicken fajitas (flavourful Mexican-style wrapped chicken) and Cuban Lamb Sandwich (cooked to melting tenderness) sandwiches.

    “We are delighted to have the opportunity to participate in the Kuching Festival Food Fair 2015. Culinary offerings are an essential component of BCCK’s overall services. However, our passion lies in quality culinary and our Centre strives to constantly enhance our offerings through the creation of unique dishes not found locally. The new range of burgers is the brainchild of our Raintree Restaurant culinary team and we are pleased to debut this exciting gastronomy experience at this popular festival which has won the hearts of the locals and tourists alike,” said Eric van Piggelen, CEO of BCCK.

    BCCK’s food stall (booth No.40) at the food festival will be headed by Chef Virginia Kedit, the head of The Raintree Restaurant at BCCK. Chef Virginia will ensure that all items served conform to consistent quality throughout the food festival.


    Gary Pinchen, BCCK Director of Operations said, “BCCK adopts a high standard of safe food handling. All food items transferred from the kitchens of BCCK to offsite events are transported using a refrigerated truck designed for safe food management. We have the advantage of having a well-trained culinary team to handle food preparation. Hence, we are able to assure that you are getting quality offerings from our stall.”

    All the five food items will be offered for a very affordable price of RM10.00 nett (inclusive of
    6 percent GST) per item.

  • Fri

    BCCK Appoints Veraya Ratnam as Director of Human Resources


    KUCHING. 24 June 2015. The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) takes the pleasure to announce the appointment of Veraya Ratnam as its new director of human resources (HR).

    Born in Taiping, Perak, Veraya grew up in Kuala Lumpur and has more than 15 years of experience in human resource management and administration as well as quality management systems. He has worked in various multinational companies and the public sector. Holding  senior positions in HR, administration and quality in various industries namely in logistics, medical, and oil and gas, his work experience encompasses a wide spectrum of people-related activities and these include performance improvement, organisational improvement, change management for organisational improvement and implementation of ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

    His career history includes working with Fritz Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd, UPS, DHL Malaysia, MLNG Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of PETRONAS) and Quantum Medical Solutions.

    Eric van Piggelen, CEO of BCCK said, “We are delighted to have Veraya in the BCCK team. Our people are our most important asset through which we deliver quality service. Our Centre is focused on striking a balance between productivity and competence, knowledge and skills, and the recognition aspect of performance. We will draw on Veraya’s specialist knowledge and experience to deliver the strategic management of human capital so that our Centre can continue to deliver the quality service that we are known for.”

    Veraya said of his appointment, “I am excited to join BCCK as Director of Human Resource. With my vast knowledge and experience, I’m sure to make a difference in Human Resource practices at BCCK.”

    Veraya holds a Bachelor of Arts. (Hons) from University Malaya and a Diploma in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations. He is also a  Certified Lead Auditor in ISO 9001 Quality Management System; ISO 14001 Environment Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational, Health and Safety.

    His pastimes include book reading, travel and religious studies.

  • Wed

    Go on a Mediterranean Rendezvous at The Raintree Restaurant



    KUCHING. 15 June 2015. June sees a new take at the Raintree Restaurant with the flavours of Mediterranean brought to the table by its culinary team.

    Diners can expect a feast for their eyes and palate from the selection of recipes perfected around the Mediterranean shores, available from now until 30 June.

    “Mediterranean style dining is centred around activities amongst family and friends, and food with robust flavours. Our Mediterranean menu is a mosaic of colourful, fresh ingredients and artistic presentations; it encapsulates the Mediterranean practice of using plant- and fruit-based food along with seafood and poultry as well as the occasional meat. We have concocted a mixture of a la carte items ranging from appetizers, main dishes to desserts inspired by the favourite food of the people of Greece, Italy, Spain, France and Turkey,” said Chef Virginia Kedit, The Raintree’s Chef de Cuisine.

    The Mezze platter offers kaleidoscopic glasses of marinated grilled vegetables, marinated olives, pickled mushrooms, beetroot mutabal (beetroot dip), hummus (mashed chickpea dip), labneh (Greek yogurt cheese) accompanied by regular, spiced- and garlic-flavoured crispy pitas.

    Served cold, the marinated angel hair pasta with ebiko and poached baby lobster is another great relish for an appetizer.

    For that creamy yet heart-healthy helping of soup, try the nutritious antioxidant-laden artichoke saffron soup (a soup of edible flower buds with a dash of chilli flakes).

    The main dishes paint a delectable picture of what tickle the taste buds of Mediterranean natives:

    • baked local yellow tail fish with tapenade (a rich soft paste made of olives, capers, anchovies, with a variety of herbs), fennel-orange salad and crispy baked potato wedges
    • roast lamb rack with sundried tomatoes, marinated grilled vegetables and roast mashed potatoes
    • pan-seared confit of salmon with fresh tomatoes, coriander salsa and baked sweet potatoes
    • duck ravioli (pillowy pasta dumplings with duck filling) with pumpkin sauce and wilted spinach

    Marinated strawberries in balsamic vinegar (grape-based vinegar) and refreshing basil
    make a fine Mediterranean statement with the health benefits of grapes and basil infused in this delightful dessert. Other dessert items to look out for include raspberry and hazelnut tarts as well as Chantilly (cream-based dessert).  

    “Be sure to make a date with family and friends for a taste bud awakening Mediterranean rendezvous at The Raintree. Catch your fancy from the varied flavours of the Mediterranean during this limited-time promotion,” Chef Virginia invited.

    Diners can choose to order a la carte with prices starting from RM16.00 nett. Two set menus have also been packaged, attractively priced at RM95.00 nett and RM130.00 nett. All prices quoted are inclusive of 6% GST.

    Dining time at The Raintree is between 11.30 am to 10:00 pm daily. For more information or to make a reservation, call the Raintree Restaurant on 60 82 392 988.

  • Sat

    BCCK’s Raintree Restaurant Curates Father’s Day Brunch

    Left Grilled Beef with Marinated Red Capsicum, Right Seafood Pasta

    Left Grilled Beef with Marinated Red Capsicum, Right Seafood Pasta


    KUCHING. 12 June 2015. The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) unveils its 21 June Father’s Day Brunch Special for fathers and their loved ones at The Raintree Restaurant.

    “Let’s get dads to kick off their shoes, have a special Sunday afternoon at The Raintree. Let our Father’s Day brunch deliver the great bites to pamper the often unsung heroes. We have put together a treat comprising all men’s favourites in honour of dads,” said The Raintree’s Chef de Cuisine Virginia Kedit.

    Brunch beckons with a hearty and rustic buffet spread replete with salmon gravlax (marinated salmon) with herbs and pepper cream cheese on baguette, pulled lamb (slow cooked to melting tenderness), seafood pasta, grilled beef with roast red capsicums, Mediterranean baked fish, and chicken tikka (spiced marinated chicken) with mint chutney amongst a delightful array of appetizers and main dishes.

    Diners can engage with The Raintree chefs at the live action stalls for generous portions of grilled marinated lamb leg with mushroom sauce, pepper sauce, mint sauce, salsa verde (green spicy sauce) and roasted vegetables and slow-roasted chicken with garlic yoghurt sauce, muttabal and hummus (Arabic dips), and Lebanese flat bread.

    A tempting selection of desserts brings a sweet conclusion to the celebration with dads and these include The Raintree’s famed chocolate fountain, warm apple strudel with vanilla sauce, coffee crème caramel along with coffee and tea.

    The buffet is priced at RM80.00 nett per adult and RM35.00 nett per child between five and twelve years old, and will be served from 11.30 am to 2:30 pm. All prices quoted are inclusive of 6% GST.

    For more information or to make a reservation, call the Raintree Restaurant on 60 82 392 988.

  • Fri

    BCCK's Ramadhan Buffet Continues its Winning Streak with Lowest Prices Online, Bigger Melting Pot


    KUCHING 28 May 2015. The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) today launched its online dining reservation system and announce its upcoming Ramadhan Buffet 2015, slated for 18 June till 14 July.

    Select items from the Ramadhan Buffet 2015, BCCK’s seventh edition, were presented to the media during a food tasting session at the convention centre by BCCK Executive Chef Thomas Schmid and Sous Chef Rizal Ismail.

     “I am delighted to say we have pushed the envelope further this year. Our culinary theme boasts a melange of different cultures – steeped in local traditions as well as includes cuisines from different corners of the globe. The key selling points of our Ramadhan Buffet have always been about variety and great value. This year, we have also embarked on the ICT aspect and we are selling e-vouchers from as low as RM50, our lowest price ever for Ramadhan dining” said Eric van Piggelen, CEO of BCCK.

    Joseph Chung, BCCK Chief Financial Officer explained, “Our new online dining reservation system hails an innovation milestone for BCCK, designed to cater for our major in-house culinary events to better serve our guests. Ramadhan Buffet 2015 is timely for us kick-start our online booking system, being our biggest food event. Diners can access our mobile-friendly website www.bcck.org.my with immediate effect to book their Ramadhan dining in advance and enjoy attractive low prices. Our online prices are definitely a steal and the booking process is as simple as booking a flight online and printing out the dining ticket once the booking is paid for.”

    “We marked a milestone in 2014 with more than 10,000 guests partaking in our Ramadhan Buffet. This year, we look forward to welcoming more guests to our Centre with more value-added offerings and services. We have also increased the seating capacity to accommodate 1500 diners each evening. I want to thank the BCCK team for their hard work coming up with the great food as usual, the online booking system and the entire set-up as our Centre prepares to usher in the month of Ramadhan.,” van Piggelen added.

    Served in the BCCK Great Hall, the
    Ramadhan food galore will see a myriad of German, Italian, Middle Eastern, South African, French and Indian starters, main dishes and sweet treats debuting at the live action stalls. These include chicken tikka, beef bobotie (a South African meatloaf), orange zabaglione (an Italian custard dessert), tiramisu and salted radishes with home baked pretzel.

    Past winners such as marinated salmon gravlax, poached prawns on ice and mussels, smoked mackerels, whole roast lamb, Sarawak laksa, daging dendeng "Indonesia", bubur pedas and bubur lambuk seafood and daging and chocolate fountain will retain their pride of place amidst the sea of treats.

    Other sound choices include chicken and beef satays, chicken tagine (a Moroccan chicken stew), ikan bakar live from teppan with sambal, kuah asam and kicap hitam bercili. whole cakes, French pastries, and more.

    Executive Chef Thomas Schmid and Sous Chef Rizal Ismail offered, “The entire Ramadhan repertoire will see new international additions and will continue to feature customary Malay, Chinese and local fare found in the traditional Malaysian homes as well as sought-after hawker food and indulgent desserts of multiple origins. We have planned an all-month long cultural infusion with a multitude of delicacies spread across three weekly menus. You will have to experience the offerings for yourself to get the picture so do join us this Ramadhan.”

    After dinner takeaways are also available for purchase. The items include beef korma and rice, bread dumplings and mushroom ragout, chicken tagine with vegetable cous cous, sun-dried tomato and eggplant cannelloni, potato gnocchi with portobello mushrooms, Nicoise salad and chicken briyani.

    Kiosks for online purchase, printing and reprinting of dining vouchers will also be set up at the BCCK from 17 June till the end of the buffet period.

    Those missing the daily online booking’s cut-off time of 12 noon can purchase over-the-counter vouchers for RM85.00 nett per adult for same-day walk-in dining. Open-dated vouchers are also available for RM80.00 nett. Child price is fixed at RM35.00 nett across the board for children between five and twelve years of age. All prices quoted are inclusive of 6 percent GST.

    Dining time is between 6.30 pm and 10.00 pm. For more sneak peek at the generous menus or information on the online booking, call BCCK’s special reservation line 082-392 889 or visit www.bcck.org.my.

  • Mon

    CPH Travel Agencies Appointed as Project Manager

    Left to right - Mike Cannon, SCB Managing Director, Oscar Choo, CPH Director of Operations, Eric van Piggelen, BCCK CEO

    KUCHING. 18 May 2015. The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) and Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB) take the pleasure to announce the appointment of CPH Travel Agencies (S) Sdn Bhd (CPH) as the project manager for the 55th International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) Congress 2016 to which Kuching will play host.

    ICCA is a global community comprising conference planners, buyers, venues, airlines, hotels and other suppliers. The members convene yearly in a city which has successfully bid to host an annual congress.

    In the project manager role, CPH will be working with the Local Host Committee of the ICCA Congress 2016 to manage the detailed planning of the international meetings industry’s most prestigious event, scheduled to be held at the BCCK from 12 till 16 November 2016. The ICCA Congress will see about 700 business events industry professionals across the globe and their accompanying guests converging in Kuching for five days of education sessions, regional chapter meetings and business exchange opportunities including cultural experiences, pre- and post-event.

    Eric van Piggelen, CEO of BCCK and Mike Cannon, Managing Director of SCB said in a joint statement, “On behalf of the ICCA Congress 2016 Local Host Committee, we congratulate CPH Travel Agencies on the appointment. CPH was selected according to a rigorous criteria-based tender process which weighed the bidders’ project management ability.”

    “From now leading up to November 2016, the Local Host Committee in collaboration with the ICCA Headquarters is preparing the groundwork to welcome and host the ICCA Congress delegates. CPH as the project manager acts as the liaison between the various sub-committees established to manage the venue, logistics, events and activities including all the aspects required to host the ICCA Congress and its related activities. We are confident that CPH’s extensive project management experience supports the crucial link the various agencies need to plan and deliver a successful ICCA congress.”

    The Local Host Committee headed by the Ministry of Tourism Sarawak is comprised of Sarawak’s tourism authorities, the ICCA Headquarters, BCCK, SCB, the Malaysian Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), local city councils, as well as identified tourism and hospitality partners.

    Oscar Choo, CPH Director of Operations said of the appointment, “CPH is honoured to be entrusted with managing the liaison between all the sub-committees. We are looking forward to working with the Local Host Committee to achieve the set milestones including the handover process in Buenos Aires, Argentina where the ICCA Congress 2015 is taking place in October this year.”

    The ICCA Congress provides the platform for Sarawak to further showcase the state’s vast tourism offerings including marketing Sarawak as a business events destination on par with other established international convention venues and destinations.

    Local tourism and hospitality players stand to benefit both economically as well as in terms of exposure and knowledge gained from managing an event of international scale.  

  • Sun

    Capture Memorable Moments with Mum on Mother’s Days

    Grilled lemon prawns on creamy leek risotto


    KUCHING. 30 April 2015. The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) unveils its 10 May Mother’s Day lunch treat for mothers and their loved ones at its Raintree Restaurant.

    The Mother's Day buffet lunch promises the way to mum’s heart with its lavish assemblage of Mediterranean fare interspersed amongst the appetizer, salad, main and dessert selections.

    “Saying ‘I love you, mum’ and ‘Thanks, mum’ comes first and foremost. As we honour the first woman in our lives, let us at The Raintree help accentuate your memorable moments with mum through our generous and delectable buffet spread. We have ensured that no one in the family will be short of choices,” said The Raintree’s Chef de Cuisine Virginia Kedit.

    Chicken liver pate with crispy baquette, smoked salmon and cheese platter and mixed maki rolls with shoyu, ginger and wasabi get the family into the mood for more as lunch commences.

    Diners will also take a shine to the spicy beef enchiladas (beef-filled wraps), grilled lemon prawns on creamy leek risotto (Italian style rice) and poached salmon with green asparagus and hollandaise sauce which form part of the main dishes.

    Those with a penchant for beef and sandwiches will find great relish in the slow-roast beef sandwiches dished out at the live cooking station.

    A plethora of sweet treats ensures more enjoyable moments – the must-try includes the dark chocolate fountain with fruit skewer, carrot cake, tiramisu, blueberry muffins and cinnamon rolls, warm apple strudel with vanilla sauce, pandan crème caramel and light lemon pudding complemented by coffee and tea.

    The buffet is priced at RM80.00 nett per adult and RM35.00 nett per child between five and twelve years old, and will be served from 11.30 am to 2:30 pm. All prices quoted are inclusive of 6% GST.

    For more information or to make a reservation, call the Raintree Restaurant on 60 82 392 988.

  • Tue

    Raintree Restaurant, BCCK Showcases “Art of the Table” Exquisite French Cuisine

    Duck Leg Confit (slow-cooked duck leg served with braised red cabbage and oven-baked apple compote and gratin potato) (2)


    KUCHING. 10 April 2015. The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) unveils its “Art of the Table” exquisite French cuisine which will run from 13 to 30 April in its Raintree Restaurant.

    The French cuisine showcase is BCCK’s new Executive Chef Thomas Schmid’s culinary debut following his appointment in February this year. Bringing his experience from his years working at a few Swiss resorts and travelling around Switzerland, Chef Thomas’ French cuisine menu bears the quintessence of the French flair for delicacy and elegance, the hallmark of French cuisine.

    Designed to satisfy multiple palates, diners can select individual à la carte composed of fish, duck, beef, cheese and wines from the list of appetizers, main courses and desserts. The menu also offers several great value three-course set options.

    Appetizers take the form of salad and soup: salade niçoise which is pan-seared tuna with mixed salad anchovies, olives marinated capsicum quail eggs and lemon dressing. Trois façons de flétan consists of halibut prepared three ways - buttered poached with lemon hollandaise, hot smoked with horse radish cream and gravad (cured) with apple salsa. The hearty bouillabaisse soupe (seafood soup flavoured with saffron and served with rouille, a spicy garlic sauce) ensures a heartwarming start to the whole French fare.

    Chef Thomas has weaved three recipes comprising cod fish, duck and beef into the main course, or plat principal in French, to accommodate individual palates. These are served as morue aromatique (aromatic cod fish pan-seared and served in seafood broth, vegetables ribbon and parisen potato), duck leg confit (slow-cooked duck leg served with braised red cabbage and oven-baked apple compote and gratin potato) and filet de bœuf (roasted tenderloin with melted truffle butter, braised vegetables and sautéed potato).

    Soufflé au fromage (oven baked cheese souffle served with chocolate coated ice-cream) or crêpes avec de la glace (pancakes macerated in orange sauce served with vanilla ice-cream) complete the three-course options.

    “The French take great pride in their culinary, calling it “Arts de la Table” or “Art of the Table” because they incorporate values, quality, pleasure of the senses and good presentation into the entire dining affair. Pairing food with wine is very much a French tradition. French food simply bursts with flavours. The French appreciate good food simply for the reason that good food does what it does best when prepared the right way: it tickles the taste buds and satisfies the pangs. I am looking forward to sharing the exquisite flavours and presentation of French cuisine with food loving Kuchingites,” Chef Thomas enthused.

    “I highly recommend the three-course options accompanied by wines in order to savour the French dining experience. The Raintree has a good selection of white and red wines and we have specially selected two French wines, the Domaines Barons De Rothschild Reserve Rouge and Blanc 2012, for this promotion. We have definitely taken value into account from the perspective of our diners. The set menus offer excellent value-for-money for a comprehensive meal. You get more and pay less through this option.” Chef Thomas assured.

    Alternatively, the à la carte selection allows diners to mix and match according to individual preferences.

    The à la carte items are accessible at various price points ranging from RM15.00 nett to RM85.00 nett while the set menus’ fixed prices start from RM75.00 nett to RM105.00 nett. All prices quoted are inclusive of 6% GST.

    The Raintree Restaurant is open daily from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. For more information or to make a reservation, call the Raintree Restaurant on 60 82 392 988.


  • Sun

    Retreat to the Raintree Restaurant for a


    Easter Brunch1

    KUCHING. 27 March 2015. Enjoy a serene Easter Sunday afternoon this 5 April replete with traditional Easter treats at the Raintree Restaurant, Borneo Convention Centre Kuching.

    Crafted by Chef de Cuisine Virginia Kedit, a wholesome Easter brunch awaits families and friends, perfecting the long Easter break with an enticing buffet spread and activities for youngsters.

    Salmon gravlax (salt-treated salmon) and hearty miso soup provide an excellent prelude to the delightful smorgasbord of hot dishes, pasta and desserts. For a choice of greens, head on to the salad bar for a healthy dose of a variety of lettuces including cherry tomatoes and capsicums complete with an array of dressings.

    Grilled seabass medallion with prawn beurre blanc (white butter), baked chicken roulade (filled rolled chicken) with raisin sauce, lamb moussaka (eggplant/potato-based dish) and braised spicy short ribs will claim centre stage at the main dish station alongside spinach and mushroom quiches and gratin potatoes with leek.

    Diners will relish the scrumptiously prepared slow roasted chicken, glazed lamb leg and salmon culibiac (Russian pie filled with salmon) tended by the various chefs at the live stations.

    For diners who get a feel good feeling from pasta, the pasta counter would win them over with the penne, linguini, gnocchi and spaghetti with the accompanying velvety blue cheese, mushroom, pesto and tomato basil sauces.

    Those with a sweet tooth will have a hard time picking where to start with the assortment of desserts on offer. The flapjack (pancake) station provides a good starting point with its plethora of sauces such as maple syrup, mars bar chocolate and butterscotch. More choices abound including the chocolate fountain, lemon meringue pie, strawberry shortcakes, dark and white chocolate mousse in glasses, warm chocolate pudding with vanilla sauce, etc.

    A “Colour-full”, Fun-filled Afternoon for Kids with Easter Egg Hunt and Colouring Contest

    Children will enjoy more than just food for they can participate in playtime involving a search for colourful Easter eggs around the nooks and crannies of the Raintree or express their creativity with splashes of colours in a colouring contest. Winners will receive a prize each.

    Children below 12 years old partaking in the Easter Brunch will receive a free gift.

    The Easter Brunch is priced at RM70.00 nett per adult and RM35.00 nett per child aged between five and twelve, and will be served from 11.30 am – 2.30 pm.

    Above quoted prices are inclusive of 6% GST.

    For more information or to make a reservation, call the Raintree Restaurant on 60 82 392 988. Get a glimpse of the Easter Brunch ” on https://www.facebook.com/BCCK.Sarawak.

  • Tue

    BCCK Appoints Thomas Schmid as New Executive Chef

    BCCK Executive Chef Thomas Schmid_resized

    KUCHING. 10 February 2015. The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) takes the pleasure to announce the appointment of Thomas Schmid as its new executive chef.

    Thomas hails from Germany, being born, raised and completed his professional chef training there. Packing his bags to fly all the way to Kuching from his last station in South Africa in early February, Thomas will be heading the BCCK’s culinary team which encompasses the culinary production team and the fine dining Raintree Restaurant and Raintree Café.

    Eric van Piggelen, CEO of BCCK said, “We are pleased to welcome Thomas to Kuching and have him in our team. Food has always been a passion for us at the BCCK and Thomas’ passion for good food, coupled with his keen sense of adventure, has taken him places and earned him recognition as a food guru. Our culinary team has done a wonderful job winning the hearts of our clients and food lovers with our wide selection of food and beverage offerings. With Thomas on board as our Executive Chef, food lovers can expect our team to cook up great storms and experience an even bigger melting pot of gastronomic delights through Thomas’ immense experience abroad.”

    Before Kuching, Thomas has been globetrotting within the culinary sphere – from Europe to South Africa and to the Middle East – in the 30 years of his accomplished culinary career in numerous hospitality establishments since 1985. These included two Swiss skiing resorts, the Zevenwacht Wine Estate and Sun International in Sun City in the capacities of chef and executive sous chef.  

    Since 1998, he had ascended the culinary ladder to first become the executive chef at the Spier Wine Estate, helming seven restaurants and opening the Spier Village Hotel in 2001. This was followed an appointment at the Sandton Convention Centre where his most memorable experience is catering at Nelson Mandela’s 85th birthday party.


    Thomas was also the head chef of the prestigious Arabella Western Cape Hotel & Spa in Hermanus – a breathtaking seaside town on South Africa’s southern coast of the Western Cape Province famous for whale watching.

    He was hand-picked to conceptualise and develop a new restaurant in Dubai in 2008. Returning to South Africa in 2010 to lead the culinary team at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosebank Johannesburg, he has also added to his belt the leadership of the kitchens of eight hotels in Johannesburg, KwaZulu-Natal and the Lowveld.

    Brush with Fame

    With a career spanning continents, Thomas has also had a fair share of airtime on television, having hosted cooking shows such as Food With Friends, a lifestyle cooking show in South Africa, and was part of a television programme for the German VOX Channel in 2007.  He has also given many live radio interviews and has been featured in various magazines and newspapers.

    Thomas said of his appointment, “After travelling to most parts of the world as a chef, I never had the opportunity of visiting Asia. When the opportunity arose to join the BCCK, I jumped at it without hesitation. I’m very much looking forward to sharing with the BCCK culinary team my culinary knowledge gained during my travels.  I am also keen to gain insights into the Malaysian and Sarawakian cultures as different cultures offer their unique perspectives on food and how it’s cooked. Stay tuned for all things culinary at BCCK as my team and I get down to work and get creative.”

  • Thu

    BCCK Anticipates The Auspicious Sheep with


    KUCHING. 22 January 2015. The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) will mark the Lunar New Year 2015 celebration with “Toss to Prosperity” reunion buffet and sit-down banquet dinners on Lunar New Year’s Eve, 18 February through Chap Goh Mei, 5 March.

    Eric van Piggelen, CEO of BCCK, said during the yee sang tossing ceremony at BCCK, “On behalf of the BCCK team and our Board of Directors, I would like to toast the forthcoming Lunar Spring Festival and wish our media partners, clients and business associates “A Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year”. We also want to thank all parties for their support of our convention centre in the past year.”

    As celebrants prepare to welcome the Sheep, one of the favoured animal signs in the Chinese zodiac, BCCK’s Chinese kitchen team headed by Chef Peter Ngu and Raintree Restaurant’s Chef Virginia have planned several celebratory menus that characterise the Sheep’s symbol of prosperity, comfort and generosity, via banquet and buffet options.

     “The sheep is an auspicious creature, known for its knack to create and appreciate the finer things in life. BCCK’s Lunar New Year celebratory offerings symbolise the Sheep’s fine attributes – scrumptious, generous and comfort food for the whole family. We are delighted to offer three great value options for families to gather their loved ones to celebrate the new Lunar Spring Festival at our Raintree Restaurant and banquet rooms,” Chef Peter and Chef Virginia proffered.

    18 February (Lunar New Year’s Eve) to 5 March 2015 (Chap Goh Mei)

    Toss to Prosperity Banquet Dinners @ RM588.00 ++ per table of 8 courses and
    RM688.00 ++ per table of 9 courses

    Served in BCCK’s banquet rooms, the two banquet dinner packages include prosperity salmon yee sang, double-boiled chicken soup with Chinese herbs, steamed fish (seabass or golden pomfret) BCCK’s signature Silk Road chicken, stir-fried prawns with salted eggs, braised noodles with seafood and chicken, broccoli with fatt choy and mushroom, and chilled longan with sea coconut and white fungus, and free flow of Chinese tea.

    The 9-course menu includes roast duck with plum sauce.


    18 February (Lunar New Year’s Eve)

    Toss to Prosperity Buffet Dinner @ RM78.88 nett per adult and RM34.80 nett per child


    Served in the Raintree Restaurant, the Reunion Buffet Dinner on 18 February will showcase a bevy of Lunar New Year delicacies such as cold cuts of prawn cocktail on fruit salad and tossed top shell with dressing, salmon gravalax with five spice, prosperity "yee sang" with its traditional condiments (live station), Szechuan hot & sour seafood soup,

    The hot and main selection includes steamed whole seabass with "assam nyonya sauce", braised pak lo duck with mun tao bun, crispy prawns with spicy dipping sauce, wok-fried rice with seafood and silver anchovies,  BCCK’s signature Silk Road chicken, stir fried beef with ginger and spring onion and more.

    Diners should look out for the interactive stations which will serve up Chinese specialities roast duck with BCCK’s chef sauce and plum sauce, roast char siew lamb leg and mixed dim sum with chili sauce.

    The culinary team will also dish out a good spread of desserts such as Chinese pancake, chilled pear and longan with almond beancurd, do-it-yourself (DIY) ice kacang with ice cream and condiments, assorted French pastries, etc.

    The child price for buffet is applicable to children between five and eleven years of age and children below five dine for free.

    All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 6% government tax. 

    All food is prepared according to strict requirements and hygiene standard according to BCCK’s ISO 22000:2005 Food Management Systems, Malaysian Standard 1480:2007 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System. Guests can be assured of the quality of culinary delights from BCCK’s halal-certified kitchens endorsed by JAIS (Department of Islamic Affairs of Sarawak).

    For more information or to make a reservation, call the Raintree Restaurant on 60 82 392 988 or BCCK’s general line on 60 82 392 888 or head on to https://www.facebook.com/BCCK.Sarawak.

  • “Love is on the Menu” Awaits All Sweethearts


    KUCHING. 22 January 2015. A special Valentine treat entitled “Love is on the Menu” will be offered to couples on 14 February at the Raintree Restaurant, the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK).  

    Crafted in celebration of romance, Chef Virginia Kedit, the Raintree’s Chef de Cuisine, has weaved an indulgent love-themed fine dining six-course set dinner into her craft of love.

    Sweethearts will start their romantic rendezvous sharing a sipping mocktail accompanied by tomato and basil bruschetta (grilled bread topped with tomato and basil) and smoked salmon on grissini stick (smoked salmon wrapped around breadsticks).  

    Appetizer follows in the form of lemongrass-infused beef carpaccio embraced in tomato compote and cherished Dijon mustard, a dish composed of thinly sliced beef marinated with lemongrass with a tomato-based sauce and mustard condiment.

    A fine and refreshing apple mint sherbet refreshes the palate for the forthcoming fulfilling sweet pea soup with milk foam and a sprinkle of hazelnut dust.

    The essence of the menu – the main coursecomes in the form of
    herb-crusted baked lobster paired with truffle-buttered rack of lamb, resting on “sauna-steamed” buttered vegetables, fondant potato and cauliflower puree. 

    White velvet cake with a lemon curd filling (a tender and moist white cake with fluffy
    lemon-like jelly) served with freshly brewed aromatic coffee or tea completes the romantic affair 

    “Food has always been an expression of love, universally. Our ‘Love is on the Menu’ Valentine treat encapsulates Chef Virginia’s passion for good food and she has promised that the Valentine Day’s celebration at the Raintree Restaurant will be a splendid one. We would like to invite couples to book their Valentine’s Day dinner early with us as seats are limited,” said Gary Pinchen, BCCK Director of Operations.

    “Love is on the Menu” is priced at RM250.00 ++ per couple inclusive of a stalk of rose for each lady and will be served from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm.

    Above quoted price is subject to 10% service charge and 6% government tax.

    All food is prepared according to strict requirements and hygiene standard according to BCCK’s ISO 22000:2005 Food Management System, Malaysian Standard 1480:2007 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System. Guests can be assured of the quality of culinary delights from BCCK’s halal-certified kitchens endorsed by JAIS (Department of Islamic Affairs of Sarawak).

    For more information or to make a reservation, call the Raintree Restaurant on 60 82 392 988. Get a glimpse of “Love is on the Menu” on https://www.facebook.com/BCCK.Sarawak.

  • Mon

    Raintree Restaurant, BCCK Refines its Fine Dining Menu

     herbed crusted fillet mignon Poullet de Liver (Chicken Liver Pate)

    KUCHING. 19 January 2015. Food lovers will find an absolute trove of à la carte delights at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK)’s Raintree Restaurant in this brand new year.

    Diners can expect a diverse selection of appetizers, mains and desserts that embodies creativity, passion and skills. Chef Virginia Kedit, the Raintree Restaurant’s Chef de Cuisine had dedicated much time and effort to incorporate a bevy of new items into the menu. In line with the Raintree’s global food concept, she harmonises both local and imported ingredients, resulting in refreshing takes on her new international cuisine creations.

    “The refined menu takes diners through a fine dining adventure right from the beginning. Even the new cioppino soup promises a marvellous start to the overall dining experience with its fresh fish and tomato stew combined with seabass, prawns and mussels as well as fresh basils,” said Chef Virginia.  

    She added, “Other interesting additions include appetizers like the beef carpaccio, tempura oysters drizzled with chilli kalamansi dressing on maki rolls, grilled calamari marinade (marinated calamari with lemon aioli on a mixed four season salad and marinated capsicum) and poullet de liver (homemade chicken liver pate with a crispy French baguette and lavosh).

    Highlights of the new main courses include pan-fried halibut and tomato confit (pan-fried halibut fillet rested on potato compote, asparagus and tepanade), basil cream pasta with salmon, whole roasted confit of chicken, herbed crusted fillet mignon, pumpkin risotto with duck and honey mustard lamb rack.”


    An array of desserts is set to tempt diners with a sweet conclusion which include bitter sweet chocolate soufflé, sweet potato strawberry mousse, white velvet cake with lemon curd and Japanese cheese cake.

    Japanese Cheese Cake White Velvet Cake


    With the Raintree Restaurant’s regular diners’ favourites in mind, the redesigned menu retains certain popular dishes such as Chef Virginia’s famed steaks.


    Chef Virginia is supported by a well-trained culinary team and service team.



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